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Training – Testimonials

Diversity and Inclusion Professional Development Training  – What Clients Have to Say

 Here is what just a few of our clients have to say about their professional development experience with the Urban League NWI Team:


From V. Lopez: “Me gusto mucho y estuvo educativa. Muy amables y divertias. Gracias.”


Menehacu: “Enjoyed the meeting. Sometimes people need to be reminded about cultures. Dr. Allen and Jennifer Holmes gave a great presentation. Often in [the] workplace, people forget their cultures. It was a very motivating presentation.”


Smith: “There are different cultures and we [weren’t] aware of which group we are in or who we are surrounded by that shares the same culture.”


Cardenas: “Muy buena tarde. Su informacion la persona que notados esta muy bien preparada.”


Carbins: “Great personality, they brought energy and life to the information that was given. They should come back more often. The Urban League brought us information [on] culture and the different roles and importance of each individual’s role as an employee.”


Adams: “The ladies did an awesome job with educating us on cultural diversity and cultural competency. We learned that even though we all look different but share so much in common in areas of cultural diversity. We are more alike than we know and culture is so much more than race.”


Zepeda: “Muy buena informacion. Buena actitud y compartir.”


Walker: “Dr. Vanessa Allen and her team were fantastic. They shared information that I knew but need to be refreshed on. They also shared new information. Presentation was fun, interesting, and exciting. Not a dull moment.”

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